June 20, 2024

As stated in Psalm 128 and Mark 10, divorce is not the solution to marital problems.
The celebration of Father’s Day on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Sagada, Mountain Province on June 19 was memorable because it was filled with joy especially among the couples who testified that the Holy Eucharist became their strength and their source of faithfulness as husband and wife. The Holy Eucharist sustained their married life and the family entrusted to their care.
The couples who attended proved to the world that divorce is never a solution to family or marital problems.
Lawmakers must see the beautiful stories of these couples before crafting a law to legalize divorce and abortion. Loving faithfulness or “hesed” is the key to lasting marital relationship founded in God through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.
The couples received a simple certificate of commendation and a woven back pack from Sagada. Bags were given as tokens to signify their oneness in everything – work, fruits of their work, wealth, problems, and their selfless love.
It is the church’s simple act of gratitude to the couples for being a reflection of God’s love and faithfulness to the world.
Thanks to the thoughtful and generous parishioners who brought food shared after the Holy Mass.
Everybody felt God’s love in the simple celebration where the couples presented themselves to the Lord in the Holy Mass to thank God and to encourage other couples to remain faithful to one another. There is no perfect couple but couples can make their relationship holier and lasting.
The couples are Joseph and Maria Lingbanan and Alberto and Luisa Lipawen (both couples are married for 53 years now); Antero and Luisa Palsiw, Alberto and Natividad Pat-og, Basilio and Agnes Owatan – 51 years; Sherwin and Arcely Kingat – 34 years; Leonardo and Consuelo Manangdang – 32 years; Albert and Christine Oliquiano – 29 years; and Ignacio, Jr. and Susan Ngagan –18 years.
Those who were not able to attend also received certificates and back packs. Hermini-gildo and Gloria Castañeda – 30 years; Preston and Arlene Fillag – 25 years; Ferdinand and Madeline Castañeda – 20 years; Homer and Virginia Pucay –10 years.
I hope that this simple gesture of appreciation will continue to be a part of Sagada Catholic Mission’s tradition. We started it well, we sustain it with God’s grace.
We encourage couples to come to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church to renew their marriage vows. Age is not a requirement but surely your heart, coordination, and presence matter.
In the midst of moral disintegration, we need spiritual activities to strengthen married life and family life. God bless us all.
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