May 22, 2024

Christmas music in our hearts

The airwaves are congested with the music of the holiday season and while we continue to wade through the effects of the Covid-19, they are calming, soothing, and heartwarming not only to the ears but to our hearts, minds, and souls.
Aside from the usual “Jingle Bells,” “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer” and the Filipino classic “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit,” a song performed by Michael Buble, and a thousand and one other artists, touches life.
“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” makes us feel the essence and meaning of the birth of Jesus, especially in these extraordinary times. The lyrics simply make one pour out sentiments of living. “Let your heart be light, from now on your troubles will be out of sight.”
More important, as in the olden days of yore, (family and) faithful friends who are dear to us, gather once more to be together. So, hang a shining star upon the highest bough and let us all have a merry little Christmas now.
It’s the season to be jolly once again and old as we may seem to be or feel, memories of our Trancoville days when we and the other brats would go caroling using “tansan” or flattened Coca-Cola crowns looped in laundry wire as maracas and singing away “You better watch out Santa Claus is coming to town.” Before the “tenk yu, tenk yu” spiel and we receive our largess usually averaging P1 which was big money then for poor kids like us, we would sing “Apo di kam agpili ti ited yo nga aguinaldo mi, uray kendi, uray kuwarta pada-pada awaten mi.
Nowadays, if you can still hear the carol, it may sound like this especially when sang by aspiring public officers “Apo di kam agpili ti ited yo aguinaldo mi, uray kwarta, uray kuwarta pada-pada awaten mi.
Indeed, times have changed and now carolers are wearing Barong Tagalog or three-piece suits or worst wear police or Bureau of Revenue uniforms, the former “demanding” nothing below P5,000 ha!ha!ha. Joke of course!
Christmas is in the air! As I write this piece, I am coming from the Simbang Gabi at Scout Barrio and as I gaze around and look at the faces of those who weathered the stiff cold morning, the message remains “Give love not only on Christmas Day but the rest of the days and years to come.”
Yes Virginia, there is hope despite the pandemic and the financial wrath it gave us as well as all the sham and drudgery on this Earth. There is indeed pag-asa or hope that we will face a better tomorrow. Just make sure that we better watch out, we better not pout, let’s not be naughty but be nice, otherwise, Santa Claus will catch up with your life.
Enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!