February 26, 2024

Councilor Art Allad-iw has filed a resolution that recognizes the “big four” universities in the city for having been listed among the 2020 Top 200 Colleges and Universities in the Philippines by Webometrics.
In his proposal, Allad-iw said major universities, namely the Saint Louis University, University of the Philippine Baguio, University of the Cordilleras, and University of Baguio, have “proven once again that the city is the center of education in the North and one of the best places to study in the country” by making it to the 2020 Top Colleges and Universities in the Philippines’s list of Webometrics.”
The list ranked SLU at 17th in the Philippines, with a world rank of 7,636; UP Baguio at top 40th, with a world rank of 12,259; UC at rank 59, with world rank of 13,390; and UB at rank 70 in the country, with a world rank of 14,033.
Webometrics is an open scientific exercise performed by the Cybermetrics Lab every six months since 2004. It is an academic ranking of higher educational institutions that aims to provide the latest, multidimensional, and useful information about the different universities in the world by measuring their performance based on their impact and web presence.
“This recognition has given tremendous pride and honor not only to its administrators, students, and faculty but also to the people of Baguio as host of the school institutions,” the councilor said. – Hanna C. Lacsamana