May 23, 2024

The city council approved the long-time request for the city to allot a space at the Athletic Bowl as a permanent training area with equipment for the calisthenics group Bardilleranz. 
Resistance bands, parallettes, parallel bars, weights, and gym rings will be provided to the group.The costs will be included in the city’s 2022 annual budget.
“The intentions of the Bardilleranz of Baguio are noble. The members are promoting calisthenics for the sports-minded and health-conscious populace of the city,” the city council resolution reads.
Members of the Bardilleranz have been mounting their training at the Athletic Bowl where they constructed their own pull up bars and train interested individuals in calisthenics.
The group now has 100 members with eight regular coaches.
Calisthenics workout uses bodyweight movements. It increases strength, creativity, balance, power, endurance, and aesthetics.
One of its coaches, Lester Ballesterol, said the members of the group have been appealing to the city government to give them a permanent area for training for almost seven years.
Group member Ortis Tindaan, Jr., also a bodybuilding enthusiast, said this has been their long-time dream since they started training at the children’s playground in Burnham Park due to lack of a training space back then.
Bardilleranz Street Workout Inc., established in 2015, is the first to bring the trend of calisthenics and street workout to Northern Luzon.
The group members became popular after joining “Pilipinas Got Talent” in 2018, where they introduced to the audience the virtually unknown sport of calisthenics.
The founding members of the group are also recognized fitness instructors in private gyms in Baguio. – Ofelia C. Empian