March 4, 2024

Even as the four-month Saleng Festival ended, eco-consciousness and sustainability lectures, awareness, information and education campaign on climate change, sustainability and resiliency, and tree planting will continue.

In the management committee meeting last week, City Environment and Parks Management Office head Rhenan Diwas reported that from June to September, 12,850 seedlings have been released for planting at various locations such as at Dorencio Elementary School in Tublay and donated to the local government of Kapangan, Benguet.

As of Sept. 30, there are 61 groups; 14 academic, 12 government offices, seven companies, 28 private and advocacy groups that planted seedlings of various tree varieties; with more contingents enlisting with intentions to regreen the city. 

Other Saleng programs were the community “pantree” which involved the giving out of pine, ornamental and fruit trees for planting in open areas, small parks and private properties; thus encouraging city dwellers to take an active role in environmental conservation, and promote sustainability; the “Rhythm and harmony with nature,” choir contest; tree parade using indigenous materials in forest and landscape presentations; eco-consciousness and sustainability lecture series in different schools in the city; climate change summit; and exhibit on sustainable building practices.

All activity outputs have been assessed for the 4th Saleng Festival in 2024. – Julie G. Fianza