June 23, 2024

The City Assessor’s Office completed the assessment of real properties in 14 barangays as part of the local government unit’s aggressive tax mapping initiative.
City Assessor Maria Almaya Addawe said it will take her office a longer time to complete the programmed assessment of real properties in the remaining barangays, citing the difficulty of undertaking the same due to lack of manpower.
She said the city has seven assessors who are complemented by eight job order personnel. Two additional employees will be hired this year, but she said the office is undermanned in implementing the aggressive tax mapping efforts.
She sad in conducting the assessment of real properties, the assessors need to inspect the declared properties, draw the floor plans of the structures, and make the necessary computations among other duties and responsibilities.
She said this is why the office is taking a longer time in assessing real properties in the different barangays.
She said assessors are assigned at least nine properties to assess in a day.
Addawe thanked city officials and residents for their understanding in the implementation of the tax mapping campaign. 
She said the city government projected that the assessment of real properties should be available within 14 days after the conduct of the inspection of the property being requested to be assessed.
In 2020, the council passed an ordinance that approved the revision of the 20-year old schedule of market values for real properties. – PIO release