June 21, 2024

The city council approved the ordinance granting a three-month amnesty to vendors in the city market, city-owned satellite markets, and the slaughterhouse compound who violated the Tax ordinance.

Those covered by the amnesty are those whose leasehold rights have been acquired from a deceased leaseholder, sublessors, and those posing as “dummies”, and acquired through mortgage.

The ordinance states after preliminary review by the Baguio City Market Authority (BCMA) of the affidavit and supporting documents of the actual occupant, it shall issue a notice of violation to the actual occupant, then to the registered leaseholder.

The leaseholder will be given 15 days to submit an affidavit contesting the allegations and evidences of the occupant.

The ordinance requires the BCMA to complete its investigation within 30 days.

If the BCMA decides in favor of the leaseholder, he or she shall retain the stall but if the BCMA decides in favor of the occupant, the contract of lease over the stall shall be issued in his or her favor.

If there are more than one qualified occupants, the stall shall be awarded by drawing lots to ascertain to whom the contract of lease will be awarded.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the adjudication of stalls may file an appeal with the city council within 30 days from notice of the adjudication as provided in Section 162 of the Tax Ordinance.

An actual stall applicant must be a Filipino citizen who is a natural person; must be at least 21 years old; must be a permanent resident of the city, specifically the new awardee; must not have any other stall in the city market or city-owned satellite markets; must be in actual physical possession and personally conducting and operating the business at the stall at least one year prior to the effectivity of the measure and Section 160 of the Tax Ordinance.

The ordinance also states the rental rates shall be the amount being paid to the leaseholder and be paid to the city as his or her monthly rent for the first year, 50 percent on the second year, and the regular rate on the third year.

For sold or mortgaged stalls, the monthly rent shall be three times the existing rate on the first year, two times of said rate for the second year and the regular rate on the third year.

The amnesty covers stalls that have been declared vacant.

After the period, all violations shall be dealt with pursuant to the Tax Ordinance. – PIO release