February 29, 2024

The city council approved a resolution supporting the 2019 City Anti-Terrorism Action Plan of the Baguio City Police Office.
The resolution complements Executive Order 148, s. 2019, which created the City Task Force to End City Communist Armed Conflict.
The action plan aims to intensify and strengthen the BCPO’s campaign against impunity, insurgency, terrorism, and other related circumstances.
The plan also aims to maintain Baguio as a safe city.
The BCPO said although Baguio City may seem to be an unlikely spot or probable target for terroristic activities, the police has to anticipate any possibility of religious extremism in the city.
The BCPO said bombing or shooting might take place in areas where people usually converge such as the market, malls, schools, churches, parks and during festivals.
Among the proposed strategies to combat terroristic activities are the enhancement of integrated patrol system in critical areas and places of convergence; partnership with other government agencies, regular and concerted barangay peace and order advocacy council sessions giving utmost importance to an innovated barangay defense system; recruitment and training of barangay information networks in every barangay to broaden the information collection efforts down to the lowest parties and critical level of the community; and promotion of collaborative and reciprocated information sharing among the intelligence community in the city and its nearby areas. – PIO release