June 14, 2024

City officials will meet with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Human Settlements and Urban Development officials on Jan. 27 to assess current policies and formulate a roadmap in the disposition of the city’s alienable and disposable lands.
The joint consultation is spearheaded by Councilor Fred Bagbagen, chair of the city council’s committee on urban planning, lands and housing.
In Wednesday’s regular management committee meeting, City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) coordinator Donna Rillera-Tabangin said kinks to be ironed out include land applications with narrow roads or alleys and those without access road.
Applications with proposed alleys  not connected to a road; buildings not compliant to National Building Code requirements; no parking space; lots with irregular shapes, less than 100 square meters, are within hazard areas, located along creeks and without easements;  among others, will also be tackled.
In her few months heading the CPDO, Tabangin observed another challenge to be hurdled is the propensity of applicants to dictate the geometry of land disposition and urban development of the city.
“I believe the CPDO and other concerned agencies must have a say or influence on the matter,” Tabangin said.
In the application for titling of lands, the process starts with the CPDO issuing a locational or zonal clearance of the lot before going to the DENR, she said.
Tabangin said her office aims to take stock and study all land applications to ensure these are in line with the city’s urban planning intentions.
“I hope that every issue will be resolved during the meeting especially now that the city government is undertaking the upgrading of its land use plan and Zoning Ordinance,” she said. – Gaby B. Keith