April 17, 2024

The Baguio City Fire Station recorded 27 fire incidents in the city.

Senior Fire Officer 1 Lloyd Ashley Furigay, Baguio Fire Station public information officer, reported there were 27 fire occurrences in the city with five recorded in January, 16 in February and six were recorded in the early weeks of March.

The office recorded 25 fire incidents in January and February last year.

Furigay said this year’s fire incidents were 10 grass fires, six forest fires, nine structural fires, and two vehicular fire incidents.

He said the common causes of fire are open flames.

Grass fires, meanwhile occur when people burn dried leaves or rubbish and fail to attend to them.

Vehicular fires stem from electrical wiring problems, whether from aged wiring or improperly installed upgrades.

Furigay urged residents to ensure the open flames they ignite are extinguished before leaving the area to prevent potential fires from spreading and posing a significant threat to their surroundings.

He asked to parents not to permit their children to play with matches due to the inherent danger it presents to lives and property.

He also emphasized the importance of having fire extinguishers in homes and business establishments, adding the red and green types are equally functional.

“Both red or the dry chemical and hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) or the green one have the advantage of suppressing Class ABC fires.

The red dry chemical is cheaper and the chemical it releases is powder-like, containing ammonium. When discharged, it can be messy compared with the green one or the HCFC, which is the wet type.

When released, it resembles acetone and when discharged onto electrical appliances, they won’t be damaged, making it better for electrical appliances.

“We suggest purchasing the red type since it is much affordable, but they both serve the same function,” he said.

The Baguio Fire Station is enhancing public awareness on fire prevention and safety measures.

Furigay said they organize fire safety seminars in every barangay and private establishment to educate the public.

They also educate barangays and communities on fire prevention techniques and actions to take in the event of a fire and form the Community Fire Auxiliary Group, through which they train barangays to serve as fire brigade teams and partners.

“We also strengthen information dissemination through social media to spread fire safety tips and awareness more quickly,” he added.

The Baguio Fire Station does not only respond to fires but also handle medical emergencies in collaboration with the Baguio City Emergency Medical Service, Red Cross, 911 on Call, and the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office. – Krizia Mae Pagusan