March 5, 2024

City officials honored another centenarian as part of efforts to recognize residents who achieved a significant milestone in their lives.

Under Resolution 621, s. 2020, signed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, the city council stated despite her age, Verina Monchiking Fakingas maintains good eyesight and only takes Vit. C as a supplement.

Fakingas was born on May 15, 1920 in Latang, Barlig, Mountain Province and the youngest of three children.

She did not have the opportunity to enroll in formal education due to financial constraints.

She married Marcos Fakingas at age 37. They were blessed with four children: three girls and a boy.

Based on her profile, Fakingas tended their farm and took care of their children while her husband worked as a soldier.

The family eventually migrated to the city when their children reached college and settled at San Luis barangay.

The council recognized that because of the couple’s hard work, three of their children became teachers.

Verina’s husband died on Feb. 25, 1995 due to an illness that left her alone to support her family.

She now has 17 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Although Verina did not acquire formal education, she remains proud that her three children graduated from college and most of her grandchildren are accomplished in life or are gainfully employed.

The council added that the city’s latest centenarian will be awarded the privileges pursuant to Ordinance 45, s. 2016, as amended.

The ordinance provides that elders who have resided in the city for at least five years up to the date of their recognition are qualified. They should personally receive the award.

 Baguio centenarians receive a plaque of recognition and a congratulatory resolution from the city government; P10,000 and a monthly visit by government health personnel for check-up; among other incentives. – PIO release