December 8, 2023

Mayor Benjamin Magalong signed an agreement with Sunsmart Solar Power Technology, Inc., represented by its president, Jenny Lin Maano, for the electrification of its streets through hybrid technological solutions, with possible integration of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIOT).

The move is in compliance with Republic Act 9153 or the Green Energy Option, which promotes the development, use, and commercialization of renewable energy resources, and for other purposes.

Sunsmart is an all-renewable energy company providing breakthrough technology of integrated solar hybrid mini grids, micro-utility solar-water power stations, and smart city street lighting systems for emergency response, warnings and rescue, and disaster preparedness solutions enabled with AIOT.

“Both parties recognize the role of public-private collaborations for sustainable and climate change resilient developments partnership in achieving  a cleaner, safer, protected and healthier environment that will contribute to providing adaptive solutions to access inclusive economic growth through opportunities to overcome the challenges of urban growth, increase environmental awareness, and amplify resiliency,” the MOA stated.

Under the agreement, Sunsmart’s roles and responsibilities include providing a proof of concept (POC) for a period of three months at no expense to the city that shall include the transfer of needed equipment provided to LGU-Baguio for free for purpose of the POC and its active term, including if such term is extended by mutual agreement of the parties. After the POC’s termination, the equipment shall be returned to Sunsmart; among others.

The city shall identify and ensure the safe, practical, and most viable location where the systems will be installed to harvest optimum sunshine and wind to generate free and clean electricity.

“Nothing in this agreement creates any joint venture, agency, partnership, or franchise relation between the parties, and neither party shall have the right, power, or authority to create any obligation or duty, expressed or implied, on behalf of the other party and the authority to make statements, representations, or commitments of any kind or take any action, which shall bind or commit the other party, except as provided or as authorized by the other party,” the MOA stated. – Gaby B. Keith