March 3, 2024

The Baguio City Council adopted Resolution 124, s. 2023, intensifying compliance to the ordinance that bans chewing and spitting of moma in public places, and directing the mobilization of Task Force Moma.
The resolution aims to strengthen the ordinance to prohibit the chewing of moma in public places as not only is it unsanitary, there is also the risk of spit being a spreader of communicable diseases. 
Public places are defined as all places that are accessible and open to the public for collective use such as schools, workplaces, government facilities, and establishments providing food, accommodation, merchandise, professional services, etc.
Section 12 of the ordinance established the Task Force Moma.
The task force is in charge of issuing citations, notices, and appointing enforcers to capture and punish ordinance violators.
Violators of the ordinance will be fined P500 or will render four hours of community service for the first offense; P1,000 or six hours for the second offense; and P2, 000 or eight hours of community service for the third and subsequent offenses. – Clyde Davies Berry