April 14, 2024

Barangay Hillside will be the model for the city government’s pursuit in creating livable communities, Mayor Benjamin Magalong announced last week.
The mayor defined a livable community as an out-of-the box solution to address the problem of informal settlers and urban decay.
Under this approach, beneficiaries will be given the opportunity and responsibility to plan out the improvements needed in their community, with the city’s role being to capacitate, guide, and give the required resources.
“Our goal is to create livable communities in the sense that we have good roads, good pathways, proper sewer and drainages, open spaces for parks and recreation, and preservation of forested areas,” the mayor said.
The city government is currently preparing the blueprint for the livable communities’ project and conducting social preparation by capacitating barangay officials and community members on how to develop plans.
Barangay Happy Hallow is next on the list for the livable community project.
However, the mayor recognized deferring opinions due to issues on access, which were raised in several meetings with the community and the barangay.
“While most of the residents are amenable to the livable community project, the decision is not solid due to ongoing court battle about an ancestral claim and the segregation from the Camp John Hay reservation,” the mayor said.
Barangays Hillside and Happy Hallow are within the Camp John Hay reservation. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan