March 5, 2024

City officials approved Ordinance 89, s. 2023 prescribing new rules and regulations in the conduct of fun runs and other races in the city for the safety and security of participants.

The city government welcomes the growing popularity of running not only for its beneficial effects on health and physical fitness but also for the charity and advocacy derived from the participants while also helping boost the city’s economy because of the influx of participants through local sports tourism.

“As fun runs, foot races, and other similar events affect the traffic situation of the city, the environment and whenever the city is placed under storm signals or during inclement weather, the city of Baguio shall provide various provisions to ensure safe and orderly conduct of different activities of the organizers, participants and the city itself, involved in the said event,” the ordinance stated.

By establishing new rules and regulations, city officials intend to secure the people involved and to assist them in the process of the requirements throughout the conduct of the event. This will also help to create a systematized and seamless organization of all foot-related activities in the city.

The ordinance provides that only Baguio City-based organizers and race directors will be accredited by the city council through a resolution to conduct, facilitate, promote, aid, or solicit attendance to any fun runs and other races in the city.

The organizers must submit their letter of intent with the details of the activity through the Committee on Youth Welfare and Sports Development which will then be endorsed to the city council.

Accreditation of new organizers and race directors shall be effective for one year while accreditation for organizers and race directors who previously received accreditation from the City Council shall be effective for three years.

Organizers and race directors who intend to renew their accreditation must submit their accomplishment report per activity conducted to the city council as attachment to their renewal using a standard template from the City Sports Office.

Fun run and races organized by non-Baguio City based individuals are required to tie up with an accredited Baguio City-based organizers and race directors before they can stage an event in the city.

All fun runs and races must be coordinated with the City Sports Office prior to any publication of the activity as to the route.

Races for a cause must have a solicitation permit from the City Social Welfare and Development Office pursuant to Ordinance 59, s. 2013, with financial reports and documentation on the turn-over of proceeds to identified beneficiaries.

Organizers are also required to pay a special permit fee to the City Treasury Office as follows: local races – P1,000; regional races – P5,000; national races – P10,000; and international races – P15,000.

Coordination with the Traffic Enforcement Unit of the Baguio City Police Office and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office or accredited safety and emergency volunteer groups must be made by the organizer prior to the conduct of the activity as to the number of participants and route marshals.

Permit applications for local events must be made 30 days prior to the event while for national and international events, permits must be applied at least 180 days in advance of the proposed date of activity.

Organizers are mandated to provide adequate emergency and medical services; appropriate security, marshal and crowd management; provide appropriate traffic control measures including barricades, fencing, traffic cones among others; provision of appropriate availability of potable water or drinking water stands along the route; and provision of adequate baggage counters.

Obtaining a permit for the temporary closure of roads for the race shall seek approval from the city council.

An environmental security bond for local organizers and race directors shall deposit to the City Treasury Office as follows: local organizers at P3,000 effective for three years; regional and national organizers shall deposit the amount of P15,000 as security bond per activity; and international organizers shall deposit the amount of P50,000 as security bond per activity.

Security bonds are refundable within 30 days after accounting of damages. If damages exceed the deposited bond, penalties will be applied: P3,000 for first offense and suspension for six months; P4,000 for second offense and suspension for 12 months; and P5,000 for third offense and suspension for 18 months.

Conduct of fun runs and races without accreditation and permit shall be fined in the amount of P5,000 and shall not be allowed to conduct activities for three years. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan