June 2, 2023

The city government is set to decommission the Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machines – processing biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer – after these were declared beyond economic repair with parts already dilapidated.

This was based on the technical evaluation report presented by General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan during a management committee meeting last week.

The two units of ERS machines were evaluated by a team composed of GSO-Solid Waste Management Division Chief Dominador Urbanuzo with Engr. Emmil-bert Floresca, Engr. Gabriel Belting of the City Engineering Office, and Engr. Rommel Pascual of the City Buildings and Architecture Office.

The city government acquired the two units of ERS machines in 2010 from the Japanese company Protech Machineries at P128 million to lessen the volume of waste, particularly biodegradables from being hauled out to a sanitary landfill outside Baguio City.

The report stated the city has been spending an approximate annual budget of P10M for the operation of the ERS machines, however parts of the machine have been bogged down and are now obsolete.

“Technical evaluation survey on the condition of the machine is poor – it is no longer economically usable since parts are already beyond economic repair with no suppliers of damaged parts. Generally, the machines are unserviceable with obsolete and dilapidated spare parts,” the technical report read.

The ERS machines have surpassed its 10 years estimated use.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong and the members of the city’s Local Finance Committee (LFC) agreed to the recommendation of GSO for the decommissioning and disposal of the ERS units following local government procedures. The LFC will inform the city council on this undertaking for the forfeiture of the retention fee of P12M in favor to the city. – Jessa Mardy Samidan