May 20, 2024

The city government of Baguio is hoping it can successfully trace individuals who got in close contact with the three patients who tested positive of the coronavirus disease-2019 (Covid-19).

Mayor Benjamin Magalong said despite the city’s comprehensive contact tracing, the city government continues to face a challenge in locating the individuals who got in contact with the Covid-19 patients.

Specifically, Magalong said contact tracers are having a hard time finding the individuals who had a contact with the resident of Upper Dagsian who worked as a streetsweeper at Scout Barrio.

“We are looking at 100 possible first contacts, together with police personnel and three from La Trinidad,” Magalong said of 46-year-old Rosemarie Cantong who tested positive for the Covid-19 on April 9.

City Health Services Officer Chief Rowena Galpo has earlier said they are having a hard time tracing the source of the virus that infected Cantong because there are some information that they could not extract from her.

“We have been doing a thorough contact tracing but we still could not (establish the source) probably because there are information that she failed to tell us,” Galpo said.

Cantong’s common-law partner and son have tested negative for the Covid-19.

Magalong said the city government is also looking at close to 200 possible first contacts of the two health workers who tested positive of the virus.

For the male nurse, who is a resident of Woodsgate Subdivision in Camp 7, Magalong said there are 107 persons considered as first contacts while the female nurse, the most recent positive case, around 60 people are being traced as possible first contacts.

The mayor is hoping the female nurse will also come out in the open to help faci-litate contact tracing.

“I wish she can make up her mind so we can advise those whom she had contact with, although I understand her for situation right now,” Magalong said.

The first individuals who have tested positive and have since recovered from the Covid-19 have identified themselves and advised those whom they have direct contact with to go on self-quarantine or seek medical consultation if showing symptoms of the infection.

Aside from using technology, the city has tapped the police in its contact tracing efforts.

As of April 24, Baguio has recorded 18 positive cases, 12 of whom have fully recovered, five are admitted in hospitals, while one died of the infection.

Magalong said the city is not letting its guard down against the Covid-19.

“We should not be complacent. This is the reason why I ordered the police to be tough on those violating the ECQ protocols,” he said. – Jane B. Cadalig