March 5, 2024

The city is revitalizing its “Clean and orderly Baguio” program, this time aiming to ensure prompt action on concerns on improper garbage disposal, untidy surroundings, clogged canals and the like.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong on Oct. 13 mobilized all departments and divisions concerned to facilitate “quick response to our clean and orderly Baguio program issues.”
He also directed barangay officials whose functions include ensuring strict observance of garbage collection schedules, segregation, and other proper waste disposal practices among their constituents.
General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan said barangays, establishments, and individuals that violate the rules will be issued notices for violation of the Environment Code and the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.
“We continue to take the lead in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of our city and in the process send the message that cleanliness is a joint responsibility of the city government and the community,” Magalong said.
The mayor directed the enhanced monitoring of the city’s environs for untidy and disorderly spots for immediate action by concerned offices.
Reports from citizens received by the different offices should also be immediately attended to.
“Our ultimate goal is to effect a change in the mindset and behavior of our people and to instill discipline because there are still a lot of irresponsible people who do not care. They throw away their waste indiscriminately and improperly without thinking of their act’s consequences to our health, to our safety or to our city’s economy,” the mayor said.
Aside from creating eyesores that affect the image of the city, improper waste disposal poses danger to the health of the people and is also a safety concern as it can result in clogging of waterways and flooding problems.
“Whether in government or in the private sector, we must act responsibly for our city.  We must dispose our garbage properly.  As long as we cooperate, we will have a clean and safe city,” the mayor said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo