June 21, 2024

The city government will revitalize a movement for clean, green and orderly Baguio City that will have the active involvement of the private sector toward the goal of effecting behavioral change to make cleanliness, orderliness and concern for the environment a way of life in the city.
An inter-office meeting was held last Jan. 25 led by councilors Betty Lourdes Tabanda and Michael Lawana and Executive Office V Felipe Puzon where initial programs and activities were explored.
Tabanda and Lawana, who are working on the amendment of the Anti-Littering Ordinance, the Environment Code, and all laws related to the environment, said programs and activities of the campaign must involve all sectors and must be made sustainable to achieve a lasting effect.
Tasking was done to jumpstart the initial programs and activities agreed on.
Mayor Benjamin Magalong at the start of the year called for a more vigorous clean and orderly Baguio campaign in line with the city’s aim to go all out in its economic recovery efforts and directed the active involvement of the barangay officials in the program whose functions include ensuring strict observance of garbage collection schedules, segregation, and other proper waste disposal practices among their constituents.
Project contractors were also ordered to oversee the upkeep of their construction sites as these are mostly located along streets and poor housekeeping could create bad impressions and cause hazards to the public.
In October last year, the mayor also mobilized city departments and divisions concerned to facilitate “quick response to our clean and orderly Baguio program issues.” This ensured prompt action on concerns on improper garbage disposal, untidy surroundings, clogged canals and the like.
“Our ultimate goal is to effect a change in the mindset and behavior of our people, to instill discipline, because there are still a lot of irresponsible people who do not care. They throw away their waste indiscriminately and improperly not thinking of their act’s consequence to our health, to our safety, or to our city’s economy,” the mayor said.
Aside from creating eyesores that affect the image of the city, improper waste disposal poses danger to the health of the people and is also a safety concern as it can result in clogging of waterways and flooding problems.
“Whether in government or in the private sector, we must act responsibly for our city. We must dispose of our garbage properly. As long as we cooperate, we will have a clean and safe city,” the mayor said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo