February 24, 2024

The City Planning, Development, and Sustainability Office (CPDSO) is currently updating the City Land Use Plan (CLUP).

During the executive-legislative meeting at City Hall on Nov. 6, CPDSO Head, Arch. Donna Tabangin presented a digital twin or 3D presentation of the current situation of Engineer’s Hill barangay in terms of its land use as a sample of their ongoing updating activity in the different barangays.

Elias Aoanan, OIC assistant CPDSO head, said included in the updating process is public consultation with the barangays where 127 have already been consulted and that residents of the remaining barangay, Happy Hollow, are slated to be consulted by the end of November.

He said updating of the CLUP is necessary since its validity will lapse on Dec. 31 or 10 years after it was started in 2013 but only approved in 2016 by the city council and the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, now the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development.

After the consultations are done, all the comments, suggestions, and inputs of stakeholders will be consolidated into the finalization of the CLUP and presented to the city council for approval.

Aoanan said updating of the CLUP is needed because it no longer is in keeping with the present situation of the city.

“The CLUP is used to help regulate land use in the city of Baguio. We have to adjust the plan to the current situation of our community,” Aoanan said. – Gaby B. Keith