May 29, 2024

When I wrote “tuloy tuloy na ang pasko” in my last column, I did not mean for people to take it literally and open the streets without regard to health protocols.
Wonder how all those people filled out the contact tracing forms that are required by the malls or establishments? Why not virtual launching of the tree? Hopefully and keeping our fingers crossed, 14 days or so from now, our hospitals will not be filled to the brim.
Anesthesiologist Sheila Franco, the outspoken Baguio born and raised lady said a new law should be passed, to be called “incubate yourself ordinance.”
I agree and it must be applied to those responsible especially the one who admitted it was his fault. There lies a provision in the New Civil Code which punishes and makes public officials who are neglectful in the performance of their duties.
It says any taxpayer can sue them for damages and bar them from holding public office permanently. Woe to the official who said “Events to not spread the virus, people do!” Why blame people for responding to your event invitation? The Miss Universe pageant was held online and had millions of viewers. Why not do the same for this sorry event?
Sentido kumon, or when I am feeling polite and not bratty, “conventional knowledge” is one trait people from all walks should have. More important, minions masquerading as government officials must have them too.
Simply explained, Google and Wikipedia and the rest of Internet sources say, it expects one to have a good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.
We have it, we all do. The age of seven, plus or minus is considered the age where common sense and maturity start to kick in. If at this age and time you have none of it, fall in line and apply for one via Zoom with St. Peter, which might consider giving you one or just end your misery by calling you into the pearly gates of heaven or hell where your lawyer-friends rule.
Judgment on a matter to be sound must not necessarily be based on scientific, legal, or specialized knowledge. It’s all science sabi nga ni Redjie Cawis. When one is a smart, level-headed person who is able to understand and assess a situation, then one has a lot of common sense.
So, what do they call people without conventional knowledge? Pardon the language – a simpleton, an idiot, a moron, dummy, and dimwit. Sometimes they are referred to as politicians.
Hard-headed, tigas ulo, natangken ulo na, he will continue, insist, to believe, or do something even when there is evidence to suggest he would be better off thinking/acting differently.
He is “set in his ways” and unable to change even for the better. Again, all we can say is, ay apo! Sigh.