April 21, 2024
SUSTAINING ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT — Renewable energy producer Hedcor has sustained its commitment to care for the environment by collecting almost 350 kilograms of wastes in the Balili River in La Trinidad and in Elew River in Tuba, both in Benguet. Hedcor personnel have been planting thousands of trees in various areas within the provinces where it operates. — Hedcor handout photos

Hedcor celebrated its 45th year anniversary with series of activities benefitting the environment as it promotes renewable energy and environmental sustainability in the country.

In Luzon, the hydro power deve-loper conducted a series of river clean-up drives while advan-cing reforestation initiatives in Mindanao.

“At Hedcor, we are taking concrete steps to further environmental sustainability for future ge-nerations,” said Jay Kabamalan, AVP for Safety and Health, Environment Ma-nagement, and Physical Security.

“Hedcor recognizes that the health of the environment is vital to the well-being of the local communities. As such, Hedcor aims to create a culture of environmental stewardship and encourage all to take responsibility for the planet.”

In Benguet, the company led a river clean-up where almost 350 kilos of wastes were collected at the Balili River in La Trinidad and in Elew River in Tuba.

Clean rivers are essential to Hedcor’s operations in produ-cing clean and renewable energy.

Through the initiative, Hedcor ensures the rivers it relies on for energy generation remain healthy and viable for years to come.

To date, Hedcor has collected over two million kilograms of wastes, all of which are disposed of pro-perly.

In Bukidnon, 200 bamboo propagules were planted in the Lower Amusig River in Manolo Fortich. This is to facilitate river easements and to stabilize river banks.

Hedcor conducts annual reforestation efforts to secure the well-being of the environment and the communities it serves. To date, Hedcor has planted over 3.2 million trees.

Hedcor is now in its fifth year commitment of not using single-use plastics and plastic food keepers in all company activities, celebrations, and events.

To further this cause, Hedcor also promotes the use of katcha bags and substitutes to single-use packaging.

The implementation of waste segregation and recycling within company premises is also strictly observed.

Hedcor takes on an active role in preserving the environment to also inspire others to do the same and contribute to building a more sustainable future. – Press release