March 5, 2024

Fear is our number one enemy. We are often afraid of the negative things that might ruin our life. It is a factor that contributes to stress and unhappiness.
There are times that we don’t want to try our luck in competitions and other activities. We fear to lose or fail. It is high time that we free ourselves from inhibitions and negativities. There are no gains without pains. Let us fight fairly and with confidence in all our endeavors. We should consider also the love for our family. It is the best motivator in diminishing our fear.
I am a fearful person and one who easily gives up. However, my unselfish love for my daughter always makes me stronger and braver. She needs my guidance and affection.
Love from friends and other special people can amplify one’s self-confidence. We are secured and motivated if we know that we have someone to support us even in simple ways, and help us fulfill our dreams and aspirations. Their moral support can make a difference in our life.
Love is really the most essential instrument to conquer fear. There are many situations where love brought us into harmony and stability.
In the recent Taal Volcano eruption, people from different provinces extended their assistance, care, and concerns to the victims. They donated cash, goods, and offered prayers. As we all know, prayer can move mountains.
An act of love in times of sorrow and difficulties is enough to make someone feel strong, hopeful, and regain the will to carry on.
We saw love defeat anxiety during the outbreak of coronavirus disease-19. Reports state it already killed more than a thousand in China. It is also alarming that the virus has already spread to over 25 countries. Self-love and love for our family make us positive thinkers amidst danger. We realize the need to take precaution, watch our health, maintain cleanliness, and boost our body resistance.
It is also a wakeup call to the humanity: that we must not forget to love the other living things in the ecosystem, particularly the animals.
The world is dim in the absence of love. We need to love one another. Purifying our hearts will help us love unconditionally. I remember a homily during mass in our school where the priest said there are five emotions that cause heart syndrome: hatred, envy, anger, resentment, and timidity. He said love reigns if we get rid of those unpleasant feelings.
Let us respect all things that are found in our surroundings. Everything is significant in this world. Everything deserves to be loved and given importance. — Jenelyn J Agayo