April 18, 2024

Most of the Covid-19 cases recorded daily in Baguio for the first week this month were exposed to individuals who acquired the virus, determined through the aggressive contact tracing implemented by the city government.

Of the 331 cases logged from Oct. 1 to 8, around 277 are close contacts of previous cases while 16 were determined through expanded or target testing.

On Oct. 8, 18 of the 31 cases recorded are contacts of previous cases. This is the same on Oct. 7 where 11 of the 15 cases are contacts of previous cases and on Oct. 6 where six of the 11 cases reported are also contacts.

Sixty-nine of the 77 cases recorded on Oct. 5 are also contacts of previous cases, likewise with the 28 of the 37 cases recorded on Oct. 4.

Of the 65 cases on Oct. 3, 60 are contacts; 63 of the 66 cases on Oct. 2; and 22 of the 29 cases logged on Oct. 1 are also contacts of previous cases.

The city recorded its first record-high number of cases on Sept. 28 at 68. The same number was recorded on Sept. 29, of which 65 are contacts of previous positive cases.

Covid-19 cases in Baguio had been steadily on the rise with the aggressive contact tracing employed by the city government to detect and isolate those who were infected by the virus that causes the infection and as the city continues to expand its testing to various sectors.

Of the 331 cases recorded in the first eight days of the month, 16 were detected through expanded or target testing, while four were determined when the individuals underwent tests as a requirement for travel.

The city government has deployed 176 contact tracers on Oct. 5. They are among those who were hired by the Department of the Interior and Local Government to help local government units in tracing and detecting probable and suspected carriers of the Covid-19.

As of Oct. 8, Baguio City has recorded 1,279 Covid-19 cases of which 537 are active, 726 are recoveries, and 16 deaths.

In the Cordillera, the number of cases as of 6 p.m. on Oct. 8 is 2,078 of which 713 are active and 1,344 have recovered. There are 21 deaths recorded. – Jane B. Cadalig