April 20, 2024

How many times did you complain over anything? How many times also did you say “thank you” for the things that you have in your life?
Oftentimes, we hear people complain over many things. They complain about their physical appearance. They complain about their job and meager salary. They complain about their food, small house, old clothes and a lot more. We seldom hear them say “thank you” for the things that they have.
A lot of people complain and become ungrateful because they are not satisfied with what they have. They want something more. These make them less happy.
My life is difficult. Problems arise one after the other. My health is not in excellent condition. I usually complain but later I realized that I it will not bring any good to my life. Thus, I learn to see things in a better perspective.
Whenever I feel like I am about to complain, I remember my sister’s advice. She told me to those who have less in life, not to the wealthy ones so that I can appreciate what I have. This is true because if we compare ourselves with the well-to-do, we will just feel disappointed and envious.
Contentment is a key to happiness. Without it, we will always feel that something is lacking in our lives. It is out of contentment that we will also learn to be thankful for the things that we have.
Shakespeare’s famous quote, “I cried when I had no shoes, but I stopped crying when I saw a man without legs. Life is full of blessings sometimes we don’t value it,” reminds us about contentment and being grateful. It makes us realize that we are fortunate despite the many difficulties that we experience in our lives.
The Bible also teaches us to give thanks to the Lord in whatever situation we are in. As stated in 1 Thesallonians 5:18, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”. This means that we should put our trust in the Lord and thank Him whether we are in a good or bad situation because He is in control of our lives and knows what is best for us.
According to research, gratitude can positively affect our physical and mental health. Taking time to be thankful may reduce depression, lessen anxiety, relieve stress and improve sleep. Hence, we are encouraged to practice it every single day.
This year, may we realize that we are truly blessed. We may lack luxurious things but God gave us life and people who truly love us. These gifts are more precious than gold. Cherish and nurture them.