May 23, 2024

The name of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. is consciously and maliciously being dragged in scandals and controversies to which several high-profile individuals are embroiled in.
These personalities are persistently putting the blame of their plight on the President even if there is no logical and reasonable connection between the two.
For instance, in the ongoing Senate investigation on the alleged acts of impropriety committed by religious leader Apollo Quiboloy, the embattled pastor finds a convenient scapegoat in the person of Marcos.
Although the President is not at all aligned with the sect of Quiboloy and has nothing to do with the investigation being conducted against him, Quiboloy nevertheless mentioned the name of Marcos as among those responsible for his alleged persecution.
In a cryptic message, he released sometime after several witnesses accused him of rape, trafficking and maltreatment, Quiboloy went on social media to accuse the President of masterminding his indictment. That the President and the First Lady are into voodoo and witchcraft which they practice in conjunction with their drug sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays.
He went further to say that the President is in conspiracy with the United States of America government to have him killed or kidnapped and there is a bounty of $2 million placed on his head. Really?
For one, nobody believes that Quiboloy is worth that much. Maybe a million but not two million.
Second, if the United States of America government did put a bounty on him, it would be all over the Internet much like the most wanted poster prominently displayed on several pages on social media.
Yet, there is none. Only the pastor is aware of such information. As to the source of his information, nobody knows.
Third, the President has no interest in the Senate investigation. Quiboloy is not a politician who poses a threat to the position and power of the President.
Quiboloy is a pastor who laments about women crooning over him because of his wealth. OMG! It would have been most credible had he said that he is “guapo.” This is not the kind of man against whom the President will waste time and effort to persecute.
The President took all the insults and blame in stride refusing to be pulled into this cheap stunt by a man who calls himself the “appointed son of god”. He simply laughed it off much like what the majority of Filipinos did to react.
After all, the President is more believable than the appointed son of god. Thankfully, he is such a cool dude who does not let these kind of propaganda affect him and his work.