February 24, 2024

A ranking officer of the Baguio City Police Office belied the impression of some residents and visitors that “traffic occurs when there are police personnel in the streets directing traffic.”

In a media forum, BCPO Chief of Operations Lt/Col. Domingo Gambican said the police is there to help manage the flow of traffic and make sure that motorists reach their destinations safely and at the soonest possible time.

He said traffic in the city is usually heaviest during rush hours when people travel to and come from their schools and workplaces; weekends where tourists usually flock to the city; and at busy intersections.

Only several areas in the city, like at the central business district, experience heavier traffic on a regular basis while the rest, more often than not, have smoother vehicular passage flows, Gambican said.

“Traffic management involves enforcement, education and engineering. We in the police are focused and involved in its enforcement aspect,” he said.

Gambican said additional police personnel are usually deployed during rush hours, weekends and at busy intersections most of which are located in close distance of each other.

To help ease incidents of traffic congestion, he is also advising motorists who are not in a hurry to go somewhere, to avoid joining the rush hour crowd.

City officials led by Mayor Benjamin Magalong have been encouraging residents and visitors to use public transportation more often or even use bicycles and walk, if possible, as healthier alternatives and would be better for the environment. – Gaby B. Keith