April 18, 2024

With an end goal of creating a safe and inclusive space for cosplayers in showcasing their talents and artistry in the city, the city council has enacted an ordinance institutionalizing the Baguio Cosplay Festival.

The move reflects the city government’s goal of fostering creativity, diversity, and self-expression and maintaining the city’s reputation as a creative hub.

The Baguio Cosplay Festival shall be celebrated annually on Oct. 31 or the last Sunday of October, coinciding with the celebration of Halloween.

The ordinance allows the closure of Session Road for the conduct of activities in line with the cosplay festival such as cultural performances, parades, and other family-oriented activities.

To ensure success in the conduct of these activities, a steering committee shall be created consisting of the city mayor as the chairperson, the city administrator and any representative of the Baguio Cosplay Community as co-chairpersons/action officers, and two city councilors as members.

While the ordinance allows minors to participate as cosplayers, it prohibits any individual to use them for solicitation purposes. Thus, donation boxes are not allowed to be displayed in acts or performances involving minors. This is in compliance with Presidential Decree 603 or the Child and Youth Welfare Code and all other laws protecting children.

According to the ordinance, institutionalizing a festival where cosplayers can converge to express their love for anime, manga, comics, and pop culture will not only strengthen the city’s identity as a member of the Unesco Creative Cities Network but will also respond to the call of the Millennium Development Goals to empower the youth. 

The ordinance recognizes the existence of the Baguio Cosplay Community, an inclusive group composed of individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and interests with diverse skills and talents. The community has significantly grown over the years and now boasts of thousands of members, the ordinance stated.

“The Baguio Cosplay Community is incredibly active and engaged in various activities, both within and outside of the city wherein its members regularly participate in local and national events, showcasing their creativity and skills through elaborate costumes and performances,” the ordinance added. – Jordan G. Habbiling