June 20, 2024

The city council will expedite the enactment of a moratorium on the construction of buildings that are in contravention with the Zoning Ordinance.
An ordinance was proposed in July 2020 seeking to impose a moratorium on the application and issuance of zoning exemptions by the Local Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals (LZBAA).
Once approved, the ordinance shall suspend the grant of exemptions and locational clearances if the structure will deviate from the Zoning Ordinance.
No building permit shall also be issued by the City Buildings and Architecture Office for the construction of any structure that does not conform to the land classification or land use.
“The city government as the regulating agency has the responsibility to counter-check the effects of these exemptions or variance on the use of lands covered in the zoning, thus the need to impose moratorium save for valid reasons,” the proposed ordinance stated.
The city council continues to censure the construction of commercial buildings on areas that are classified as residential zones due to the exemptions granted to private companies from the restrictions imposed by the Zoning Ordinance.
City Planning and Development Office coordinator Donna Tabangin said the moratorium would give their office a breather from receiving applications for zoning exemption.
“The intended usage of lands is being disregarded. It is too chaotic already. We seem to have lost control of our imposition of the requirements of the Zoning Code because of our past mistakes. This moratorium will give us that breathing space,” Tabangin said.
She said there are about 20 applications for exemption received by their office on a monthly basis.
The city council agreed that a moratorium would be the best course of action at the moment while the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is being revamped and updated by the CPDO.
The proposed moratorium will be discussed in the Jan. 18 session of the council. – Jordan G. Habbiling