February 22, 2024

A surge in tourist arrival is anticipated this weekend via the visita.baguio.gov.ph, according to City Tourism and Special Events Office (CTSEO).

CTSEO Head Aloysius Mapalo, reported 530 tourists were approved to enter the city on Nov. 27, 615 for Nov. 28, and 147 for Nov. 29.

The accumulated number of tourists who applied for registration for those days are 1,066; 1,570; and 1,527 respectively, the highest since the city opened to Luzon travelers.

Mapalo said they have observed that the applications to enter the city through the tourism website increase during Fridays and tapers off on Sundays.

On Nov. 6, there were 163 approved applications, 243 for Nov. 7 and 93 for Nov. 8.

There were 286 for Nov. 13, 277 for Nov. 14, and 97 for Nov. 15.

For Nov. 20, there were 346 approved travelers, 218 in Nov. 21, and 142 in Nov. 22.

Weekday applications usually number to less than a hundred daily, except for the last week of November.

Mapalo said from Oct. 22 to Nov. 22, there were 4,579 tourist applications received and 3,992 were approved.

He said since tourists are allowed do-it-yourself travels and could be accommodated in friends’ homes, they have counted 6,567 additional tourists during the same period through the health declaration form or HDF application. A total of 10,559 individuals entered the city for tourism and business purposes.

Compared with Bohol, Boracay, and Ilocos which recently reopened, Baguio’s figures are considered high as their tourist arrivals average only up to several hundreds.

Baguio’s charm, including the climate and environment, is still working, Mapalo said.

However, comparing to pre-pandemic times where a monthly average of 120,000 tourists come to the city, this month’s 10,000 visitors are way below the usual figures, he added.

More tourists are expected with the coming of the holiday season and as Mayor Benjamin Magalong allowed the entry of a thousand tourists daily. – Julie G. Fianza