June 14, 2024

The Department of Agriculture it is now looking into surging pork prices, with some exceeding P400 per kilogram.

“That’s what we are focusing into now because our farmgate price is not that high, it’s just a little over P200/kg.,” Asec. Arnel de Mesa said.

Although the farmgate price slightly increased from P198 last week, de Mesa said the retail prices should only hit the benchmark.

“So, kung dadagdagan natin ito ng P100, ito kasi iyong ating benchmark. So, dapat nasa mga P320, P330 which is the correct price ng ating kasim,” he said.

As of April 18, the prevailing price range of pork kasim is pegged at P295 to P370/kg., while pork liempo is set at P340 to P420/kg., according to DA-Bantay Presyo.

The DA earlier said the African swine fever remains a challenge in the country’s livestock sector.

De Mesa, meanwhile, confirmed more supply of smaller eggs coming into the market.

He, however, said this is just a normal cycle, except for those who adopted artificial or tunnel ventilation, instead of open spaces which cause a direct correlation between the hot environment and the chicken.

“It’s a natural cycle. When it’s summer, it has this effect. During the rainy season and it’s cold, our layers have good production or productivity ng ating layers,” de Mesa said.

“The prices of eggs now are lower compared to last week, because the eggs are smaller,” he added.

Earlier, Philippine Egg Board Association president Francis Uyehura said the El Niño phenomenon has been affecting the production size of eggs, as well as increasing mortality in layers.

“If before, farmers are getting large or extra large eggs now, there are more small or even extra small eggs,” he said.

To date, medium-sized eggs are benchmarked at P4.50 to P5.40 per piece, depending on the area, according to Uyehura. – PNA