April 17, 2024

Councilor Elmer Datuin reiterated the need to ensure children’s access to good education, healthy environment, and health care.

“This should be the priority to negate the dismal statistics and bleak information regarding the state of our children,” Datuin said in relation to this year’s National Children’s Month celebration theme, “Kalusugan, kaisipan at kapakanan ng bawat bata, ating tutukan.”

He cited data from the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) that showed 9.7 percent of the suicide-related calls received, or at least 251 minors are in distress due to sadness, anxiety, bullying, family problems, and academic concerns.

“In 2013, a high rate of children suffered sexual abuse and exploitation, thus the NCM focus is relief from abuse, some emanating from poverty and natural calamities, which sometimes could escalate to violence,” Datuin said.         

As the Philippines is considered a developing country, most families struggle financially and often, the younger ones suffer from lack of basics: food, clothing, shelter, and provisions of health care and educational facilities.

Datuin said in 2015, through Republic Act 10661, November was named officially the National Children’s Month where, barangays through the legally-ordained Barangay Council for the Protection of Children, acted for and in behalf of the children in all aspects, including survival, protection, development, and participation.

“Children are our hope and we do not tolerate violence against our children as the abuse will reverberate in their adult life.  May we as a community join hands to keep our children protected and physically, socially, mentally, emotionally healthy, and their life purposefully meaningful,” Datuin said. – Julie G. Fianza