April 16, 2024

The Baguio City council has approved the allocation of more than P185 million to fund various projects listed under the supplemental Annual Investment Plan (AIP), with the exception of two items worth P7M.
The supplemental budget, worth P185,120,000, covers 16 projects, but the council deferred the approval of the items concerning the development of tourist rest site at Kennon Road worth P5M and the processing of titles of parcels of land at Burnham Park in favor of the city government, which is worth P2M.
Councilor Mylen Yaranon said there was a need to ensure if the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (Tieza) approved the planned titling of portions of Burnham Park in the name of the city government.
Under the supplemental budget, the planned titling under the city government includes the lots covering Melvin Jones, Burnham Lake, Orchidarium, Children’s Park, part of Skating Rink and Tennis Court, and parts of Pine Trees of the World Park.
For the development of the tourist rest site along Kennon Road, Councilor Benny Bomogao said the council needs to be clarified on the lease agreement the city has to sign with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on the use of the land for the establishment of tourist rest area.
The lease agreement provides the city government must pay an annual lease of P250,000 to the DENR for the Kennon Road tourist rest area.
City Budget Officer Leticia Clemente said she had no prior knowledge about the city’s lease agreement with the DENR.
The council invited the Department of Tourismand the DENR in its next session to update members if Tieza already gave its approval for the titling of parts of Burnham Park and for the DENR to clarify the lease agreement.
The other projects to be funded by the supplemental budget are the safe and sound cities program in Baguio worth P8M; proposed Engineer’s Hill Barangay Multipurpose Complex, P10M; purchase of furniture and fixture for the newly constructed Aurora Hill Super Health Center, P4M; and repair and renovation of the vacant building at Orchidarium, Burnham Park for the livelihood of persons with disability of Burnham-Legarda-Kisad barangay, P2.3M.
The fund is also intended for the updating of the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan/City Development Plan worth P1M; construction of a drainage canal at an alley in Ambiong P300,000; repair and improvement of drainage system at Happy Homes Old Lucban, P9.6M; improvement of Asin District Health Center, P3M; improvement of City Camp Central Health Center, P1.8M; and classroom building renovation at Pinsao Elementary School, P4.5M.
The supplemental budget will also fund the documentary stamp tax and transfer of property of the Baguio Convention Center worth P15M, the proposed livestockecological market building at Dontogan barangay, P108M; and restoration of eroded riprap and portion of road at Honeymoon worth P620,000.
The supplemental budget was sourced from the continuing appropriations of 2020 with P108M; the 2022 surplus of the general fund, P76.5M; and from the Local Disaster Risk Reduction management Trust Fund, P620,000. – Jane B. Cadalig