November 30, 2023

Every grading period, teachers entertain a lot of students with INC grades flocking to their faculty office asking for reconsideration and what to do to augment their incomplete grades. Those with INC grades are students who failed to complete or submit academic requirements.
Most students start the school year with a big smile and confidence. Unfortunately, most of these smiles and confidence fade as some students struggle with their INC grades during and after each grading period.
Why do students have incomplete grades when they are given enough time to do their requirements in school? Based on observation, students who have or are prone to having INC grades carry lot of baggage in their life, which needs to be addressed.
These students lack patience that is significant in learning. They lack determination and perseverance, which are vital in making projects and requirements and even homework. They lack self-confidence and courage, which are necessary in doing tasks, like being a leader in a group activity and voicing out opinions during class discussions.
These students also lack diligence that is important in reviewing lessons before examinations. They too, lack collaboration which is needed in group activities and in asking assistance from their peers and mentors. They lack resilience in overcoming problems and temptations. However, some students fail because they get INC grades in terms of right actions and decisions needed in studying. Most of them, as I observed, lack the desire to study and are overpowered by online games and laziness in coming to school.
Despite these “incompletes” in their life, parents are always behind their back, giving moral and financial support. In return, they expect their children to at least pass all their subjects.
Teachers are always extending their time and patiently call on these students and their parents as well to complete school and academic requirements. It may be an additional work for them but they want to help their students.
I suggest that for students to avoid having INC grades, they should focus on what they really want to do, strive to obtain not just passing grades but aim for higher grades instead of relying on the pity of their teachers.
Students can avoid having INC grades if they have patience, determination, perseverance, self-confidence, resiliency, and courage throughout the school year. — Ronalyn D. Doplah