December 5, 2023

Drink brands can tap into health-boosting needs of families or multi-person households and offer affordable formats as the Covid-19 pandemic pushes consumers toward more healthy choices.
A market intelligence digest released by the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau said locked down families are consuming more drinks at home, indicating a new set of need states for consumers facing a more housebound lifestyle.
“A Covid-19 downturn means consumers will tighten their budgets. Parents will be especially keen to ensure their families follow healthy diets. This means opportunities for lower-priced, larger value formats, such as juices,” it said.
The report cited as an example families who wish to boost vitamins D and C in their diets via drinks.
Brands can also offer beverages with calming and mental wellbeing benefits particularly to the Generation Z, or those people born from about 1995-2007.
Mintel Trends highlighted that today’s 14-year-olds are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol, and behave antisocially but more likely to be feeling depressed and not sleeping well.
“Reasons postulated for this rise in nervousness include the use of smart phones and social media, both of which intensified during lockdown,” the report added.
It said it is also imperative to offer drinks to support the mental challenges faced by many consumers in lockdown, and those who need to boost concentration through the calm focus need state.
“An example is tired working parents juggling child care and homeschooling with Zoom meetings or stressed frontline healthcare workers facing daily personal risk. Younger adults also want products to aid mental focus,” it added.
The report added consumers are now even more concerned about health in relation to other issues, including the environment. – Press release