June 17, 2024

These days, not having self-progress can easily give me frustration and self-doubt. Even if I am aiming for the best for myself, I am not able to achieve it. No matter how I try, it seems something keeps hindering me. That is why, I ask myself “What do you want in your life? What do you need to do to succeed?” After many years, I did not know what to do and where to start. I do not have the courage and I am not used to going out of my comfort zone. I always questioned my ability. I did not believe those people who said that I could do it. I reflected and realized there is a problem with how I think and how I act. My thoughts and actions are contradicting. I said I wanted to thrive but I did not do enough. I did not do my best to achieve the things that I dreamed of. I always procrastinate and let time pass until I do not have the moment to shine and grow.
Now, I am encouraged and eager to resist and shatter the wall that stops me from winning. I am now determined to remove every corner of my comfort zone and finally get out of it. I have now the sword to cut off all the things that push me away from achieving my dreams. This time, I will not be stagnant and I will not be afraid. I am determined enough to do the things that I am scared of. I now love to experience failure and accept the success that life may bring. By always having a heart that is ready to accept, by having a mind that is always empowered to be bright, and by having faith that will be able to surmount any obstacles. I now positively believe and truly love myself. This gives me the energy to have more and gain more success. That way, it will be my stepping stone to doing the things that I missed before.
To all the people who experienced the same as mine, I encourage you to be determined with all the things that you accomplish. It is not just about having a beginning, it is all about having a victorious ending. You start and you’ll see, the gladness and wonder it brings you. At first, you will experience much self-doubt and breakdowns, but as long as you deal with it, you will see yourself waving in front of you. Your new self will say, “You did it!” It is hard to start and renew, but it is precious to have a brand-new self that will help you conquer the world. A world that is full of negativity and hardships will no longer have the chance to hinder you. Because you are now determined and sure, that all of this will just be a piece of cake and will help you attain your pursuits.