July 25, 2024

The city government will pursue development of the nine-hectare public cemetery.
Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong said there has to be order at the burial site.
He proposed that development of the cemetery has to undergo public consultations, especially with relatives of the deceased.
The City Environment and Parks Management Office is presently updating its database of interred bodies at the cemetery.
Magalong appealed to relatives to be open about plans to develop the cemetery.
A survey will be done prior to the implementation of any development.
Consultations with the relatives of the people buried in the area will also be held to solicit their insights on the improvement of the site, the preparation of the comprehensive master development plan and the preparation of the detailed programs of work that will be bid out for implementation.
Part of the area covered by the proposed comprehensive development of the public cemetery will be the four-hectare property adjacent to the cemetery, which was purchased by the city government over a decade ago.
Part of the proposed development of the city public cemetery will be the construction of a road network. – PIO release