April 14, 2024

The Department of the Interior and Local Government-Cordillera is now accredited to provide continuing professional development (CPD) units with its future training programs related to environmental planning.

The accreditation was accorded by the CPD Council of Environmental Planning of the Professional Regulation Commission on Oct. 24. The recognition is based on the PRC Resolution 1032, s. 2017, which is the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 10912 or the CPD Act of 2016 after fulfilling all the necessary accreditation requirements.

“The CPD accreditation for the department signifies a significant commitment to fostering CPD among environmental planners in the region and local government unit planners,” said Local Government Operations Officer V Shaquile Buraga.

He said the accreditation is a strategic step towards enhancing the competencies, skills, and knowledge base of professionals engaged in local development planning, ultimately contributing to the upliftment of the region’s governance standards.

Buraga underscored the importance of accreditation in facilitating the provision of high-quality CPD programs.

It ensures the content and delivery of these programs meet rigorous standards, allowing professionals to stay updated with the latest trends, methodologies, and best practices in environmental planning.

“The accredited CPD programs will also offer targeted learning experiences tailored to the specific needs of environmental planners. These programs will focus on refining skills, expanding knowledge, and fostering critical thinking necessary for effective local development planning,” he said.

The accreditation process will ensure that the department follows a standardized framework and established guidelines in developing and delivering CPD activities, providing professionals with recognized credits and certifications.

These credentials contribute to their profiles, boosting their credibility and standing within the industry.

The submitted documents, which consist of the agency’s establishment charter, proposed CPD plans, official appointments for CPD management, instructional designs, and accreditation applications.

“This accreditation showcases our department’s commitment to enhancing the standards of environmental planners, LGU planners, and stakeholders in the region, with the goal of promoting sustainable and efficient local development,” Buraga said.

The Cordillera Local Government Resource Center will serve as a training hub for providing training to regional and local environment planners that cover various aspects of environmental planning, including relevant laws and regulations, sustainable development practicess, and the integration of environmental considerations into urban and regional planning.

Through its Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee, the center can collaborate with experts in environmental science, planning, and related fields to deliver specialized training sessions which involve partnering with academic institutions, environmental organizations, and experienced professionals. Buraga added the center could serve as a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among regional and local environment planners involving conferences, forums, or events that bring together professionals in the field to share experiences and best practices. – Press release