June 14, 2024

To improve the capacity of local government units in preparation towards full devolution, the Department of the Interior and Local Government-Cordillera convened with various national government agencies in the second installment of “Devolution Discourses” to discuss opportunities in the streamlining of capacity development interventions for local government units.
DILG-Cordillera Director Araceli A. San Jose recognized the LGUs’ efforts in crafting their devolution transition plans (DTP) while addressing the Covid-19 pandemic.
She said the region attained 100 percent compliance rate in the timely submission of barangay, municipal, and provincial DTPs.
“The LGUs’ success is a shared responsibility that we, as NGAs, must collectively provide. Sa pamamagitan ng mga kakayahan at linang ng ating mga kagawaran at ahensya, ating tulungang makamit ng mga LGU ang kapantay o higit pang linang sa pagbibigay upang magampanan nila ang kanilang mga tungkulin,” she said.
Representatives from 18 NGAs participated in the convergence meeting where updates on the status of the National Government Agency-Local Government Unit DTP Matching were given and a briefer on the Capacity Development Framework was presented.
Kristoffer Dave R. Alvarez, chief of the Local Government Capacity Development Division, explained the NGA Capacity Development Intervention Matrix, which shall be the preparatory tool for the streamlining of the NGAs’ capacity development programs for LGUs.
The matrix is initiated by the DILG-Cordillera with the support of the Regional Committee on Devolution.
It intends to help NGAs align the devolved functions; services; or programs, projects, and activities of the LGUs to the capacity development pillars, which includes leadership, knowledge and learning, enabling policies, management systems, competency, and structure to inform the design of appropriate and necessary capacity building activities that are responsive to the needs of the LGUs.
Alvarez said the matrix, which is open to all NGAs, would also encourage collaboration between agencies if they have identified similar capacity development interventions needed by LGUs.
He enjoined the NGAs to revisit the capacity development agenda of the LGUs identified in their DTPs to allow them to introduce other programs that are not yet included in their plans.
“Devolution Discourses” is a program initiated by DILG-Cordillera, which aimed to engage stakeholders to participate in seminars, meetings, and dialogues pertaining to Executive Order 138 that provides for the full devolution of certain functions of the executive branch to local government units. – Press release