June 14, 2024

The Department of the Interior and Local Government reminded Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong to work on the unfinished merging of barangays.

“We need to comply. Otherwise, we will be in violation of certain provisions of the Local Government Code,” he said.

In the proposed merger, the present 128 barangays will be reduced to 44 by consolidating adjoining barangays.

Barangays merged will be divided into puroks and each purok will have a representation in the barangay council as kagawads in accordance to Section 386 of the Local Government Code.

Merging is seen as a tool to improve local governance and to professionalize the salaries of barangay officials.

Magalong is coordinating with the city council for legislations needed to support the move.

The planned merger has been stalled since 2003 but the DILG is pressing for its realization to empower barangays in terms of fiscal status.

In the 2003 proposed composition of the new barangays, the following barangays.

Mines View Park, Lualhati, Pucsusan, Outlook Drive, Lucnab;

Country Club Village and Happy Hallow;

Cabinet Hill, Teachers’ Camp, Engineer’s Hill, Marcoville, DPS Compound, South Drive;

Pacdal and St. Joseph Village;

Military Cut-Off, Sta. Escholastica and Greenwater Village;

BGH Compound, Phil-Am Compound, Sto. Rosario Valley, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos;

Lower Gen. Luna, Kagitingan, Kabayanihan, Upper Magsaysay, Malcolm Square, Session-Gov. Pack, Harrison-Carantes;

Rizal Monument, Azcko, Burnham-Legarda, Kayang-Hilltop;

Middle, East, West, and Lower Quirino Hill;

Camdas and Dizon subdivision; Honeymoon-HolyGhost, HolyGhost Extension, Imelda Village and M. Roxas;

Holyghost Proper, Salud Mitra and Upper Gen. Luna;

Sto. Niño, Lower Magsaysay, Magsaysay Private Road;

New Lucban, ABCR and T. Alonzo;

North and South Central Aurora Hill, East Bayan Park and Brookspoint;

Ambiong, Bayan Park Village, West Bayan Park, San Antonio, Lopez Jaena; 

Aurora Hill Proper, East Modernsite, West Modernsite and Brookside;

Trancoville and Tabora;

South and North Sanitary Camp, Happy Homes-Old Lucban;

Lower Lourdes, Lourdes Subdivision Proper, Dominican-Mirador;

San Roque and San Luis Village;

Upper Quezon Hill, Quezon Hill Proper, Victoria Village, Middle Quezon Hill;

Pinsao Proper and Pinsao Pilot Project;

P. Burgos, P. Zamora, Camp Allen and Upper Market Subdivision;

Upper Quirino-Magsaysay and General Emilio F. Aguinaldo (Lower QM);

Palma-Urbano, City Camp Central and City Camp Proper;

MRR-Queen of Peace, Lourdes Subdivision Extension and Kayang Extension;

Upper, Middle and Lower Rock Quarry;

Dontogan and Sto. Tomas School Area;

Sto. Tomas Central and Bakakeng Central;

Scout Barrio, Upper and Lower Dagsian, Hillside and Gabriela Silang;

Loakan-Apugan, Proper and Liwanag and Atok Trail;

Kias and PMA-Fort Del Pilar;

Balsigan, San Vicente, Puliwes and Camp 8;

Bakakeng Norte and Sur and SLU-SVP;

Guisad Central and Surong;

Cresencia Village, Campo Filipino, Andres Bonifacio; and

Gibraltar will be one barangay as well as upper Irisan, lower Irisan, Fairview, Pinget, Asin Road and Camp 7.

 For the remuneration, it was proposed that the punong barangay will receive a salary equivalent to salary grade 14 and salary grade 10 for the kagawad, barangay secretary and barangay treasurer plus emoluments provided under the LGC as may be authorized by city or barangay ordinances.

It was also proposed that barangay boundaries be determined by natural borders such as roads, rivers, and creeks. – Jessa Mardy P. Samidan