June 17, 2024

City officials allowed the display of indigenous products-cum promotion of entrepreneurial skills at the Igorot Park by local entrepreneurs and Baguio City-based livelihood associations from Oct. 24 to Nov. 15.

In Resolution 496, s. 2021 signed by Mayor Benjamin B. Magalong, the council stated social empowerment by encouraging community participation to help bring back the vibrancy of the local economy is needed.

The council said social resiliency requires capacitating the people by providing them a wide range of opportunities where they can display their entrepreneurial skills and promote culture through indigenous and culturally-inspired products and artistic brands.

One of the administration’s core agenda is strengthening livelihood and entrepreneurial services, which intends to promote entrepreneurship by encouraging local producers to be more innovative while addressing unemployment and ultimately helping in the efforts to gradually and safely revive the local economy.

According to the council, the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected those engaged in the startup entrepreneurship and livelihood initiatives.

It added due to the pandemic, many lost their jobs and sources of income, affecting the well being of their families.

The council recognized the importance of spearheading various activities that will help trigger the gradual and safe revival of the local economy but making sure that the same must adhere to the minimum public health standards.

The city council said Baguio City, being a melting pot and a Creative City, is a host to budding and established indigenous peoples groups and non-IPs who have enthusiastically embraced culturally-rooted life practices. – PIO release