May 24, 2024

City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has this advice to his fellow government leaders: Ditch politicking, do what is right.
In his first public address this year at City Hall’s flag-raising ceremonies Jan. 4, the mayor said genuine leadership calls for doing what is right without any regard for consequences to one’s political career especially in this time of crisis.  
“This pandemic time calls for governance beyond politics. There is no point na mamulitika tayo ngayong pandemic, to become popular at the expense of doing what is right,” he said.
He said as the New Year symbolizes new hope, leaders are called upon to face challenges with courage, concern, and humility.
“That is what good governance is all about. That is what genuine leaders are called upon to do in whatever level or sector: Always doing the right thing or what is right, stepping back when missteps take place, stepping up every step of the way,” he said.
The mayor has been known for taking bold steps that are at times met with disapproval by some sectors or the public in general. While these actions come across as high handed to some, there are those who take them as a display of strong political will.
For his part, the mayor remained unfazed.
“As I keep on saying, I do not mind making unpopular decisions as long as these are the right things to do.  I will stand by my decisions and actions,” he said. – Aileen P. Refuerzo