May 27, 2024

The Department of Health condemned the alleged fixing/selling of guarantee letters by unscrupulous individuals at the expense of poor and indigent patients.

The DOH anticipated the recent arrest of a certain Hubert Lotino, the alleged fixer of DOH-issued guarantee letters. Lotino was one of those named by whistleblowers who earlier volunteered information about the scheme utilizing the Medical Assistance to Indigent Patient (MAIP) program fund.

Acting on the reports provided by informants, the DOH enlisted the help of the National Bureau of Investigation to apprehend the alleged fixers. The reports on these illicit activities have likewise been referred to other concerned government agencies for their action. 

DOH has been conducting its own internal investigation since reports of the scheme surfaced, and  robust reviews of its processes to halt proliferation of this scheme.  

The DOH, being the keepers of people’s health, will be true to its mandate of providing the best healthcare services to all Filipinos as envisioned in the Universal Health Care Law. 

“We appeal to the public, especially clients seeking for medical assistance with DOH, that they should not be swayed by sweet-talking fixers out to exact money from them in exchange for guarantee letters. The Medical Assistance to Indigent Patients is free and not for sale,” Sec. Francisco Duque pleaded.

“The DOH assures the public that no stone will be left unturned in identifying and making accountable the persons involved in this vile and horrendous scheme. Hindi po namin palalagpasin ang mga nangangahas na lokohin at kikilan ang mga nangangailangan at naghihirap nating mga kababayan.” – Press release