April 23, 2024

As data and science-backed information prove to be integral in the global response against the Covid-19, the Department of Health enhanced the format of the Covid-19 case bulletins to make it simple, compact, and easy to understand.

DOH Usec. Maria Rosario Singh-Vergeire said communications messages also prioritize relevant information, and call for action to guide the public on how to avoid and prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

She said these iterations in the reporting of case bulletins aim to maintain transparency in reporting the data.

Through the information that the DOH will communicate, the public will be more informed and empowered as they conduct their daily affairs, instead of succumbing to fear, panic, and anxiety during the health crisis.

“Through the enhanced reporting of our case bulletins, we hope to equip the public by updating them with data that not only has integrity, but also easy to understand,” Vergeire said.

One of the revisions included in the reporting of case bulletins include enhancing the content by emphasizing the most sought for information, such as reporting in percentages to create a more convenient way of informing the public on the numbers of cases and recoveries.

Another enhancement is making data visualization more digestible and user-friendly. It compresses the social media cards into a single, mobile-friendly bulletin which is then targeted to the larger portion of the public who are mostly smartphone users.

Additionally, design enhancements on the case bulletins also include refinement of color palette and design elements to lessen the strain in viewing complex information. The vernacular is also used to make the data more accessible and relatable to all readers.

Under the new layout, the statistics included in the previous format of the case bulletin such as the case percentages (recoveries, active cases, and deaths), positivity rate, top geographic locations with new cases are all still included in the new format but now uses the Filipino language to make it more understandable to the public and help in conveying the intended message.

As a platform to also empower the public, the case bulletins will also include public health messages to remind them of the infection and prevention control measures, and referral links to DOH channels to keep the public on the loop on where to find science-backed and evidence-based information on managing the novel sickness and preventing the spread of the virus.

These iterations were based on the findings of the focused group discussion held by various Health and Education and Promotions Offices (HEPOs) of the DOH all over the country, as well as a survey done for the general public.

As the DOH’s next steps, the publication and issuance of these new case bulletins will be cascaded to Centers for Health Development (CHDs) for standardized reporting, down to the regional level starting Oct. 26, 2020. The bulletins will be published through weekly reports on Philippine situation measured versus global benchmarks.

Lastly, the other data omitted from the old case bulletins will be reflected at the Beat Covid-19- Philippine Situationer.

Vergeire is optimistic that the revised case bulletin will further enjoin the public to rise above the pandemic by equipping them with correct information.

“Aligned with our reminder to the public to only subscribe to factual and accurate information or the A in our BIDA campaign, A – alamin ang tama at totoong impormasyon (know the right and correct information), we are hopeful that the iterations in the case bulletin delivery will further empower the public by aiding them to better understand our Covid-19 data,” she said. – DOH release