May 29, 2024
SURPRISE INSPECTION — Newly installed Department of Transportation-Cordillera Director Joshua Valefor Pablito and crew held a surprise inspection at Gov. Pack terminal on June 23, as he reported that road worthiness of mass transport vehicles is paramount. He also presented to reporters hi-tech gadgets to be used by traffic law enforcers to improve services of the agency. — Harley Palangchao

Newly-installed Department of Transportation-Cordillera Director Joshua Valefor Pablito has assured the regional office will fast-track printing of driver’s license cards, including the release of replacement license plates of vehicles.

Pablito told reporters DOTr-Cordillera will not be left behind when the issuance of the laminated driver’s license cards and replacement license plates will resume towards the fourth quarter of this year.

He added the validity period of driver’s license that expired on April 24 this year has been extended up to Oct. 31, or as soon as the plastic driver’s license cards become available.

DOTR-Cordillera has a backlog of more than 16,800 driver’s license cards since the issuance of plastic driver’s license cards was halted nationwide earlier this year. 

On license plate replacement, Pablito, one of the youngest appointed to the rank of Director IV at age 35, said the agency through the Land Transportation Office is awaiting for plates ending with O. 

Pablito said records show that almost 50 percent of the license plate replacement are unclaimed reason why the LTO district offices in Apayao and Ifugao distributed these plates house-to-house.

Pablito, who will also assume as concurrent director of the Land Transportation Franchising and Re-gulatory Board, said his office will soon implement better office management and reorganization to further improve the agency’s delivery of services.

“We will surely determine how we can improve the services offered by the DOTR regional office and its attached agencies,” Pablito said.

Pablito, meanwhile, presented to journalists the high resolution body cameras and an automated handheld device, which resembles point-of-scale scanners used in stores.

The handheld device can automatically generate an electronic Temporary Operator’s Permit (e-TOP) in lieu of physical tickets will be crucial in issuing citation tickets for traffic violations. – Harley F. Palangchao