May 22, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – The two districts of the Department of Public Works and Highways here have joined the fight against the Covid-19 by implementing measures that will reduce the amount of contaminants in the environment.

Lower Kalinga District Engineering Office OIC District Engineer Ruby Uyam said their approach include “sanitizing” people, decontamination of convergence areas, and disinfection of  vehicles to help combat the spread of the virus.  A team from a skeleton force in the district office conducts the decontamination.

Convergence areas that have been decontaminated are the DPWH district offices, the Social Welfare and Development Office, block 3 police substation, and the Kalinga Provincial Hospital (KPH). Decontamination at the KPH will be done two times a week, Uyam said.

The Agbannawag Evacuation Center will also be decontaminated before its turnover to the provincial government.

To serve more clients during the extended enhanced community quarantine, both districts will be putting up three gantries to house manually operated disinfection sprinkler – one at the Baligatan Bridge in Bulanao, one in front of Lower Kalinga District Engineering Office, and one at Balani to disinfect passing vehicles.

Both district offices also established sanitation tents at their respective entrance gates to sanitize their employees before entering the compound. Beside the sanitation tent is an inhalation tent for employees with respiratory troubles.

Uyam said interested parties may request their services for decontamination or for putting up of sanitation tents at convergence areas or in offices. They may call 0917-519-9874 or approach any of their personnel. 

 In support of relief operations, both districts offered their six dump trucks for the hauling of relief goods to municipalities. – Peter A. Balocnit