April 14, 2024

While waiting for the physical copy of the national ID, the Philippine Statistics Authority-Cordillera said the public can get an electronic copy for the meantime.
PSA-Cordillera Director Villafe Alibuyog appealed to the public to be patient while waiting for the physical copy of the national ID card.
Registrants who have successfully registered with PhilSys or those issued with PhilSys Number (PSN) may avail of the ePhilID in its digital and physical formats.
“Pwede po tayong pumunta sa PSA offices.We can issue to them an e-copy of the ID, which they can avail and be printed at the local offices of the PSA,” Alibuyog said.
The printed ePhilID shows the person’s PhilSys Card Number (PCN) and basic demographic information such as last name, given name, middle name and suffix (if available), gender, blood type, marital status (if declared), date and place of birth, front-facing photograph, address, generation date, and a QR code.
Alibuyog said the various agencies involved are doing their best to deliver the national IDs to the public.
The gathering of data and registration is handled by the PSA while the printing is with another agency and the distribution and delivery is by the Philippine Postal Corporation.
She urged those who have not yet availed of the ID to register in their barangays and municipalities.
The PhilSys ID program is a five-year program but was fast-tracked and shortened to three years with the President’s order to have the copies of the identifications released immediately.
Former President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law Executive Order 162 which institutionalizes the acceptance of the PSN as sufficient proof of identity in all private and government transactions. – Ofelia C. Empian