March 2, 2024

This refers to the editorial titled “Genuine People’s Initiative” in the Jan. 21, 2024 issue of the Midland Courier.
Gathering signatures to be used as basis for amending the 1987 Constitution is, indeed, uncalled for and inappropriate at this time.
Instead, massive information campaign should first be undertaken for the education and intelligent appreciation by the citizenry on the proposed amendments.
Surveys show urgent concerns have to be addressed immediately, like controlling inflation, wage increase, job creation, and poverty reduction.
Also, as pointed out by a respected economist, “food security, public health, and quality education can best be addressed not by a constitutional change, but by appropriate executive action or empowering congressional legislation.”
Transparency, honesty, sincerity, unconditional service and conscientious self-giving for Filipinos are required of government leaders, for this momentous national exercise that will gravely affect us and the future generations. — CHING D. AUNARIO, Baguio City