July 14, 2024


The year 2021 has been a challenging one due to the continuing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic.
As if this were not enough, Typhoon Odette came, leaving lives, properties, and systems in shambles in Visayas, Mindanao, and Palawan.
All these in what should be the season of hope as Christmas nears.
The year 2021 also ushered in the much-contested local and national elections in May 2022 that has already caused political polarization to a nation where many leaders and their private associates, including government agencies are embroiled in allegations of corruption.
The year 2021 is no different for most of 2020 despite the easing of restrictions, with a majority of Filipino families still coping with the impacts of the pandemic and have not gotten back on their feet under the supposed new normal. This is felt most especially by the victims of the recent typhoon who may have to be spending Christmas eve in evacuation centers.
But despite all these challenges, the Filipino indomitable spirit of resiliency still reigns and we, as a nation, continue to overcome the challenges through sheer perseverance, piety, and patience.
It is our fervent hope that victims of the recent typhoon will find comfort in the ongoing assistance from the government and private sector. Reports of a husband or a wife losing all family members due to flashflood or landslide is disheartening especially when every family is preparing for what should be a happy season of celebrations this Yuletide season.
We wonder, however, that in a disaster-prone country like the Philippines, the response from the national and local government remains dismal even when an effective and efficient post disaster response can be deli-vered with enough preparedness and conscientious use of calamity funds.
Back home, we commend all local government units with an exemplary response against the Covid-19 pandemic measured by high vaccination rates and decreasing new cases, an indication that LGUs have adopted an effective system in keeping the virus at bay. There is a glimmer of hope following reports of zero Covid-19 deaths the past weeks, an assurance that we are transitioning safely under the new normal.
We remain grateful to our indefatigable frontliners who have been managing Covid-19 for close to two years now and for not giving up the fight until this pandemic is over. May they be more inspired to serve the public despite lucrative offers to work overseas due to the high demand for healthcare workers in first-world countries.
And with Presidential elections just around the corner, we say it again: Enough of political promises and sweeping statements, as the citizenry is already frustrated with what is happening – rising poverty incidence, unemployment and underemployment, rising prices of petroleum products, and other basic commodities, which have become unaffordable to many average Filipino families.
We believe that as we close this challenging year, Filipinos have become more discerning on who to support in the upcoming elections. These are the political leaders who will lead us to peace, progress, and uphold public interest over and above personal interest.
All said, let us keep joy in our hearts and in our midst and let this spirit of cheer overflow to the depressed and devastated areas in the country and faraway lands.
Let hope be the spirit with which we let this challenging year pass as we welcome the year to come.