May 22, 2024

A device using Japanese technology that aims to provide patients quality, convenient, and cost effective oxygen therapy has been introduced in Baguio City recently to cater to the increasing demand for medical oxygen supply.

Compared to regular oxygen tanks or cylinders that need to be refilled, the oxygen concentrators invented by 87-year-old Japanese medical engineer Teruo Kobayashi produce medical-grade oxygen on its own as it is electricity operated, and therefore can work 24/7 and even continuously for a year without turning it off.

An oxygen concentrator is a device used to provide oxygen therapy to a patient at substantially higher concentrations than those of ambient air and is used as an alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen.

It takes room air, filter it, and increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the air by removing nitrogen. The oxygen then undergoes a filtration process and is compressed. From there, the flow moves through two chambers that are filled with a substance that removes nitrogen from the air via filter and sieve bends. The medical-grade oxygen is then sent through a flow meter through nasal cannula or a mask.

Wee Tinos-Anami, who interpreted for Kobayashi, said their product is safe because by using surrounding room air to create medical-grade oxygen, there is no risk of leakage or fire.

She said their product does not need refill and assures unlimited oxygen supply as long as there is power supply. It has low power consumption, more convenient because it is movable, and easy to operate by following simple steps on how to use it.

Also, unlike oxygen cylinders and other oxygen concentrators in the market, she said they do not sell their product, but rent it out instead because the machines need to be maintained by experts to assure its optimum performance which cannot be done if sold and under the care of the owner.

The oxygen concentrators are manufactured by Kobayashi’s company, Nihon Fuji Multi-Products Corporation, based in Cebu where its facilities are located and registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority as an ecozone export enterprise and certified by the Food and Drug Authority. It is distributed in partnership with Anami Nihon Multi-Products Corp.

Kobayashi and company representatives recently paid a courtesy call and presented the medical device to Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan and to medical practitioners and healthcare volunteers in the city.

Kobayashi, who has combined 60 years of engineering and management experiences and recognized in his home country for his dedication to his craft, believes oxygen treatment must not be expensive and therefore invented innovative oxygen concentrators, among other inventions, for domestic market and aims to continue helping ailing patients achieve quality life with their families. – Hanna C. Lacsamana